SEx on the Sunset Strip

LA: the final frontier. These are the experiences of a Punk Rock Princess. Her current mission: to explore strange new bands, to seek out new venues and new civilizations, to boldly go….?   LA: perhaps the final frontier.  My current mission: most definitely to seek out new bands, venues and civilizations (this is hollyweird after all)…

This past Saturday night, I had the opportunity to boldly go….to the Key Club .  Armed with my black boots and an Away Team, I headed  to the Strip (umm, the Sunset Strip, not “the other one“;).  My mission: to see a friends band; Soul Exchange (i.e. SEx – not the bands favorite abbreviation, but still fun for blogging purposes).  Upon landing, we were thoroughly debriefed and found out that the club was overbooked  and attempting to slide SEx’s time slot (a classic Sunset Strip Douche Bag move…yup, welcome to Hollywood).  This normally wouldn’t really upset the masses, but in this instance, another more widely known band (no need to mention names here) was going to be playing the Main Stage at the same time of SEx’s new time slot.  If SEx ended up playing this new time slot, the un-named Main Stage band might have taken away potential fans, which would have quite simply sucked.  Logistics, complicated I know, but this is the final frontier after all.

After some wheeling and dealing conducted by SEx’s lead singer, Jim Schueller, we were handed our “actual” printed, will call tickets (gotta love a keep sake), and cheered over still having the pivotal/original time slot.  The Away Team and myself then shuffled off through the cattle style gates, ran through the gauntlet of inappropriate touching (also know as security) and finally entered the club.  Faced with two bars on either side, the main stage and a secret passage-like staircase to our rights, we all agreed…it was time for a refreshment.

Once armed with an IPA and the Away Team with their mimosas (gotta fecking love them), we were ready to head downstairs, to the Plush Lounge, where our heros were minutes from taking the stage.  However, before my descent, I was gravely informed of the situation happening below.  The lad, a solo musician (bless him) was playing with a electric guitar and a lot of heart.  I won’t spend a lot of time depicting his performance…mostly because I don’t remember much about it.  This may have been due to 1) the fact it sounded as if he really should have been playing with an acoustic and 2) that I was chumming it up with the other bold explorers of the evening.

Okay, enough of the Star Trek references, lets get down to brass tax.  The first thing we all ask when talking about a band is, what are they like?  Well, quite simply put, these guys are ROCK.  Not Emo Rock, not Hard Rock, not Wussy Rock…just, good, old fashion ROCK. They play the type of music that makes me nostalgic for the days when smoking was allowed inside. Where you would see the band through that blue haze and immediately relate to the hard driven (and sometimes heart breaking) lyrics, nodding your head to the beat and swaying through the fog along with awesome guitar riffs.

Backing up the for-mentioned (and extremely energetic, crowed inspiring) Jim Schueller, was Uzi Zaray, (rocking the guitar solos), Tyler Schaeffer (hammering Animal style on the drums) and Alon Hamami (keeping his face and the bass smiling throughout the entire set). Minus the lack of the smoke, their 40ish minutes in the spotlight were everything I expected from this self proclaimed rock bank.  To add a cherry on top, these Heros Of The Night even snuck in a Lady Annabellum song, which didn’t make my ears bleed!!  We’ll touch on my disdain for contemporary country music [gag] another time, but I really did enjoy SEx’s cover.

In my humble (actually, go ahead and insert “awesome” here) opinion, there’s really nothing like seeing a live band, especially in a small, intimate venue with a solid crowd of adoring fans; which SEx achieved, not just by getting to first base, but scoring the home run.

So here’s the bottom line,  I’m just a music addict/story writer/serial run-on sentence creator, and by no means an expert on reviewing shows (you know, all that technical crap that Rolling Stone drones on and on and on about). BUT if you’ve gotten this far, your interest is obviously piqued.  And since this is obviously the case, the first thing you need to do is get your overly aerobicized arse over to Facebook and check out the Soul Exchange page.  Give them a listen and if you like what you hear (and I’ll bet you an IPA that you do), “Like” the page and, if your an LAngel, support your local artists and check out their next show!

Long live Soul Exchange, Star Trek, Freedom Of Speech and the Creative Realm.


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