My Aggressive Thoughts on the Importance of Positive Self-Identity

Our journey through life is often based upon the individual.  We are all unique in one way or another, even identical twins.  There are several ways to express self-identity, which according to the Oxford Dictionary (OED Online) is “the perception of recognition of one’s characteristics as a particular individual, especially in relation to social contact.”  What this definition is lacking, is that a person who can authentically recognize himself or herself, also has the responsibility to do so positively, for the whole of society is also watching.  The individual shines its brightest, when that person easily expresses attitude, visual, and faith of themselves and shares the positivity with others.

Self-assurance is an important portion of self-identity.  When the individual has a reassured attitude toward himself or herself, the social view is often a positive one.  When someone walks into a room of strangers, with their head held high and a smile on their face, it is easy for an onlooker to realize this person carries a high regard of himself or herself.  If the individual cannot show this level of confidence, it is much harder to look inward toward the self.  A simple smile in every mirror will help build that attitude and is reflected when in a social setting.  When we share that positive energy with a room full of strangers, everyone benefits greatly and often subconsciously.

Through tangible items, such as clothing and home decoration, the individual has great power in self-expression.  From a social point of view, we often can categorize the self, through a person’s hairstyle or the type of car they drive.  All of these visual aspects show confidence within a person, as well their own unique styles.  Whether it is the shoes they wear or the food they eat, all tangible pieces combined, help define the sole person.  In addition, through these styles, inspiration seeps into others.  A fussy eater may not try a new food, unless the confident friend suggests they just try one bite.  After the bite has been consumed, the picky eater now realizes they have a taste for sushi after all.

The social machine is often tied to faith in a higher power; however, faith in one-self is just as important for a person to recognize self-identity. For the ability to see the smile in the mirror, the individual must feel that smile, through the faith they have within themselves.  For that person to be able to walk in to a room of strangers, head held high, he or she must first have full confidence to take that first step of opening the door.  The certitude is not only crucial, but can be delightfully contagious as well.  Conviction, loyalty, and assurances of oneself can sometimes come off as arrogance; however, this can easily be adjusted with an authentic smile and love for oneself.

Slices of confidence, style, and self-love are all components that will help individual not only understand who they are, but can help others as well.  By combining these powers, he or she then has the ability to shine brightly in society, and help inspire others who may be struggling with their own self-identity.  We as individuals are very much entwined with society and it is important that through self-expression, there is a focus on positivity, for the view of ourselves will resonate with others, even if we do not personally see the rippled effects.

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