Goodbye To Grandma Juel <3

Hi Grandma…

So…death is a part of life, and as you were feisty and honest – Your memory lives on, strong as today’s winter bite

Though I didn’t see you for a while, the lessons learned will always go the extra mile

My very first haircut, a proper Molson beer belch – Your giggle was infectious and could never be squelched

Canadian treats, like yummy hot coca with marshmallows, made from milk in a bag, was always ready to be had.

“Keelin,” you whispered to me, at a time when we were the same height, “drink this, please –  sounds like you have quite the plight.”

The warm tonic was made mostly of whiskey with a little ginger nip – concocted to heal a vicious bout of strep throat and release me from its fiery grip

This past October was our last face to face chat together, thanks to my awesome cousin Ben and my crafty Aunt Heather.

Upon arrival, I shocked and surprised you with my wild-child hair, feeling a rainbow of emotions, I could hardly bare

With twinkling blues, always so full of humor and mirth, “I never would have recognized you!

Heather! Ben?! Is her hair really blue!?”  

We all just laughed, attempting to freeze time….knowing the moment would not last for more than a dime.

Fast forward to this day, as we say our final goodbyes, all swirling with emotion, staccato’d with sniffles and sighs.

But….moving forward, as we do in life, I shall always smile up at you – especially when I hear the clapping of thunder  – Knowing you are picking up spares in the heavens, or dancing with Gramps, which may be a bit funner

Dad……..Ben…….. and especially Aunt Heather – Thank you for all you have done, these past months and prior.

I can only imagine the strain you have had and the coaster ride was at times, feeling quite dire.  

As we move ahead, onto our next adventures, let’s all promise to never forget her amazing life lived and spunky spit-fire.

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