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Day 6/90 – Uncle!

During my childhood, a splattering of family and friends stayed with us, in the old house on Fuller Mountain road.  Our longest tenant and my personal sanity checkpoint, was Uncle Bobby; whom I referred to as “UNCLE.” And this past weekend, marked our reunion after almost twenty years!

I am thankful for him being there, while I grew up an only child and being able to see him now.  Back then, he would help me escape the property and take me to the movies – Now, he helped affirm that big old house we lived in, was indeed haunted.

The above poem is an expert from “Transients of my Youth” in the Poetic Recollections collection – and the watch I am referring to was from Burger King; featuring Jack from A Nightmare Before Christmas.  Now, with families of our own, the reunion opened a fresh new chapter for us and I look forward to creating many more, new memories. <3<3<3

Poetic Recollections


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