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Day 8/90 – TSA and tips in breathing

Once upon a time, many lunar eclipses ago – I was traveling to my home office – I thought I had everything – blue hair, headphones and apparently a spaced out attitude.  When I arrived at my destination, I came to the realization that my bag was a just a tad too light.

The panic hit me, “No no no, feck!  Where is my laptop!?” What to do?

First I called LAX – “Please go online to TSA…”  “Waaaaahhhh,” I cried as I pushed end.


Luckily – phones are little laptops, so I painstakingly filled out the form on my Iphone 4.

As soon as I completed it, in came the auto reply – “If we have your item, you will be notified – case number: URgr8t”

Next, I called my boss – “Must fess up! Oh my god – of all the things to lose, misplace, forget?!?” (insert violent shaking of head here).

I made the call, breathing deeply and spilling the beans.

“Hahaha – omg, that’s funny! Don’t sweat it, we’ll have one set up once you get here.  BREATH, silly.”

“Okay – thank you thank you – Eekking is breathing right?!”

Bing! Another email from TSA: “We have your item, please call 800-Saved-Ur-Arse”

I dialed the number – “Yes ma’am, we have your laptop.”

“Oh, thank you thank you thank!” I am pretty sure my eyes were sweating, upon hearing this news.

“You can come get it or we can ship it right away.”

They shipped it to my home (at NO COST) and it was there, ready to mock me, when I returned.

“Well, you got a first class ticket, didn’t you, laptop – what an adventure you’ve had!”

Moral of the story: Double check your items before you leave TSA

Second moral – always fess up, because no matter how bad it you think it is, it is probably a 10th of what your mind is telling you

Third moral – If you have to accidentally leave your laptop somewhere – TSA is not a bad place.  This is a case of the “System” working to a T –>SA!

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