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Day 10/90: A note on Rock n’ Roll


My second concert was the Rolling Stones, a week after my first concert which was NKOTB (Jonathan was my favorite).

It was the Steele Wheels tour and when we got off the subway in Queens, I stated, “there are trees here?!”

My dad pointed to the opposite side of Shea Stadium and stated, “all those people over there would make up the population of Burlington (Vt)!

In Living Color opened and even though we were quite far, I remember the lead singer, his spandex and (what I learned in that moment, was called) “his package.”

Mick Jagger humped a 24 foot blow up doll and then magically appeared high above her, just in time to sing “Brown Sugar”

Today I found her tour shirt – it has that big ugly tongue trying to lick me from the cotton-poly blended black fabric.  Tomorrow I’ll probably find the ticket stub.

“It’s not music, unless it’s Rock n’ Roll

And it’s not Rock n’ Roll, unless it’s the Rolling Stones”

~Mary Jane E Clark

Indeed Mum – indeed <3

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