Level Up!

Day 9/90: Sunrise Layover¬†ūüĆÖ¬†

A twinkle of the ages,
a deep line upon my cheek

An early flight, a trip for more closure, 
is what I’ll need to seek

The sun rises on schedule,
as our chapter closes and sets

Treasures of your life revealed,
fascinating, I’m willing to bet

You up there and me below
We’ll smile and be brave this week

‚ÄėCause no matter what, we both know,
I‚Äôll always be your Keek¬†ūüíöūüĆąūüíö

#healingthroughcreativity #90daylevelupkee #keesio #writing #poetry

(originally posted via Instagram 7/29/28)

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