Culinary Candy Level Up!

Day 13/90: Kee’s White Clam Sauce

My favorite dish to make when I need a nourishing hug and a weeks worth of anti-Vampire breath. Proceed with caution!
Pasta of choice – angel hair or small shells
Handful of fresh parsley – chopped
2 cans of SNOWS chopped clams (Don’t dare substituting!)
1 bottle of SNOWS clam juice (optional amounts – I like it soupy)
2-4-8 cloves of garlic
Half a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Half stick of butter
Red and black ground pepper
Fresh graded Parm cheese (please do not use powered green can stuff – bleck)

Boil H20 for pasta – dash of salt and splash of EVOO – cook pasta per instructions
Use same spoon to stir pasta & sauce 🙂 Large sauce pan:
4 pours of EVOO (pour counting to 4)
Medium heat – Add crushed or chopped garlic
Cook until garlic is tender – do not burn!
Add 1 pad of butter and squeeze clam juice from both cans (put clams aside)
Add parsley – Pour in jar of juice – Bring to simmer – Down to low heat – Add in clams
Stir, taste – Does it need pepper? Your call…
Is the pasta done yet? – Yes?! Great!

Add pasta into favorite shallow bowl plate – spoon on sauce – dig for those clams! – Garnish with Parm

Slurp and Enjoy!

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