Level Up! Sketches

Day 31/90: Rhinos are hard… to draw


A trip to the zoo is always inspiring and a little sad. There are so many majestic creatures. We watch, while they watch us, watching them. When their backs are turned away from us viewers, I try not to linger. It’s much like seeing a celebrity who just wants to finish lunch without talking about who they are.
There are, of course, those who know where their bread is buttered and will play the part, to get a snack. My friend here was nomming on a very delicious stick, out front, in the golden light of dusk. He gave me a wink after I snapped the pic, which I mangled in this sketch. I am thankful for zoos and the work they do, but I still hugged #wileytclark extra tight tonight, thanking the spirits that neither of us are sleeping in cages… at least, not tonight.

August 20, 2018


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