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Day 32/90: Secret Recipe for Rainbow Hair


1. Be flexible – the color you want may not happen for a few washes (or may fade quickly)
2. Keep it fresh – add some of the dye and mix it with some of your favorite conditioner – keep in hair for 5-10 minutes (wash hair, leave in conditioner, wash body, dance, sing, splash…then rinse hair)
3. Let the professionals (aka hair magicians) do the hard stuff – cuts, bleach, shifts in shades – like pink to green, talking you out of going black, etc (and please, be sure to tip them well!)
4. Only wash your hair every few days to keep color longer. Use a dry shampoo to freshen in-between washes.
5. If you’re not into going all in, get an extension to try it out (how I started) or dye a strip in the back of your hair.

Remember —> Have fun! It’s just hair!

This recipe has been brought to you in part by many professional hair artists. Of whom, I am so grateful for putting up with me and my wild requests all these years – you guys are amazing! Mad respect and love!

August 21, 2018

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