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Day 34/90: The Retired Smoker —> Essentials for the car

A huge smoking trigger for me was the car, so instead of denying myself cigarettes – I replaced them with things I really love:

Vics Menthol Nasal Stick – helps with deep clean breaths – especially beneficial for nose-smokers.

CBD Oil – helps with road rage and general anxiety. A few drops under the tongue. This does *not* get you high, just helps regulate emotions a little better. (I recommend this one for non-smokers too 😉 Eucalyptus Oil – rub a bit into palms and on the smokers index finger – replaces the yellow yuck, smokers are used to seeing/smelling

Rainbow Jelly Beans – easy fun snack, won’t melt in the summer heat. Hangry is a real thing and in traffic, gotta keep the blood sugar up! Granola mix is great lo, but not as fun to photograph 😉 H20 (not pictured) – it’s true that chugging the unicorn juice helps with cravings. I’m especially
fond of the kind that sparkles ✨✨✨ If you’re trying to quit, I sincerely hope this helps. If you’re a happy smoker or happy non-smoker, than I hope you get a kick out of the weird things I keep in Garçon, my beloved VW Beetle.

So now that I’ve spilled the beans – What’s in your car??
PS – this one is for you, Suzi 😘😘😘



August 23, 2018

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