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Day 36/90: Ramen and Cheese

10 years ago today, when I boarded a one-way flight from Albany, NY to Burbank, CA, the only #ramen I had experienced was out of a cellophane package. As I coasted down the jetway, I had no idea what was in store for me, but I had always wanted to live here and when that thick, hot breath, of Valley air hit my face, I knew I was home.
Thank you to this great place (LA and OC) for living up to my dreams and helping me cook up even more of them.
And to those amazing friends (local and far), for seeing me through light, dark and a kaleidoscope of experiences in-between.
Ten years later, though my curiosity is as fierce as ever, and my address/county has changed, I am also more in love with this grand area of #socal; of which, I proudly call home.

Photo cred/Ramen date: @lalalejeune ✨😻✨


August 25, 2018

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