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Day 40/90: (Obligatory) First Day of School


This photo pays homage to all who are joining in on the journey of education – not just the kiddos, but also the parents, caretakers, partners and educators.
As adults, we easily celebrate the youth, but sometimes forget to celebrate ourselves. You all deserve the happiness you want for your children and loved ones; for happiness truly has a trickle effect.

As I’ve stated before, it takes a village, near and far, to succeed in life. And behind every camera there is a hero, pushing the subject along. And, today’s post is specifically dedicated to those amazing heros, “behind the camera.” In my case, I thank @dcocsc_justgoandbe, who quoted @DanPatrick while snapping this for me – “Your passion bucket is full, my love.” A wonderful sentiment, but not quite accurate (I’m still not in a damn rock band #lolcrylol). All jokes aside, I hope you all are filling your own passion buckets, even if its just a little drop at a time. ✨🍭✨ Happy first day of school! I salute you!

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