Level Up!

Day 68/90: Selfies and Gratitude 

Funks come and go, and today it surrounded me like a sticky, icky, goopy sludge. Mediation, journaling, the list below and a silly selfie, yanked me out. This is 37.96 years young and I am thankful for (not limited to): ~ my adult freckles aka cow-poop on my nose (per Peter)
#wileytclark and his rainbow sprinkled donut pillow
~Darren and Boca for their hugs and boisterous tussles ~Knowing that “this to, shall pass” and I can use these little squeaks, to push my arse closer to big, delicious, helpful, sweet, healing goals ✨🍭✨ #healingthroughcreativity #90daylevelupKee#sorrytodaywasadowner #balance #selfishselfie #airhug #lightenup#frecklesarehot #forevspartner😍 #rainbowsprinkleswin


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