Level Up! Poetry

Day 82/90: Autumn in Vermont 

I’m not so much into pumpkin spice, but this time of year, really is nice.
Not one for nostalgia all the time, I’m feeling aches of memories, as Vermont leaves fall through the maple chimes.
Even from Cali, I can tell the air is crisp, apples have fallen and rotten on the ground.
The sweet smell overcoming any mood, even the most maudlin – Just sip in that smell, of all the comforting food.
My heart aches for wood smoke, maple and wool, but what comes next…Oh all that ice, just won’t due!
I’ll visit you again, my beloved land of green, but after the tinsel, winter thaw and spring, so fresh and so clean.#healingthroughcreativity #90daylevelupkee #autumn🍁 #vermonster#leafpeepers #mapleveins #naturesrainbow🍂🍁🍂 #sipsip #dirtychai
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