The #LL21c Story:

Unsettled by a young century riddled with negativity,  Chief Creator and WrArtist Keelin Siobhan, realizes there is a need to engage a trusted guiding element, who will open new conversations, help drive green living and positively promote the human condition, for all ages.

Having been inspired by The Statue of Liberty since childhood, seeing it as a symbol of freedom, and a beacon of hope, she is bringing the statute to life, thus revamping the image of Lady Liberty.

This project is focused on revamping the image, helping her to gently step off the pedestal and glide into the 21st Century, thus creating #LL21c (Lady Liberty of the 21st Century).

About the WrArtist:

Keelin Siobhan, is a Vermont-born WrArtist currently residing in Southern California.  A creative leader with a colorful and energetic history in the Arts and Technology, she has worked across diverse platforms and multiple brands for two decades.  Through retrospective and playful prose, jarring visual content, and an unquenchable thirst for World Peace, she strives to bring a fresh and positive focus on the current human condition.

Professional CV:

Experienced Writer, Artist and Model, with a demonstrated history working in entertainment, technology and marketing industries. Creative, energetic leader with a passion for problem solving and social change.  Skilled in Freelance Writing, Art Direction, Photography, Front-Camera Talent and Video Production. Bachelor’s degree focused in Literature and Creative Writing from Antioch University.