Culinary Candy Level Up!

Day 57/90: The Mourners Diet – Part 7

It turns out, I am having torrid love affair with Ice Cream. The flavor differs, but additional pieces of sweet and rainbow sprinkles are mandatory. This conehead helps bring forward a taste of inner peace and cooling of a metallic bite, that just doesn’t seem to go away.

Culinary Candy Level Up!

Day 21/90: Mourners Diet – Part 3

When I was a kid, I wanted to be many things, “when I grew up” – today, I pay homage to the #fooddesigner phase.

NY Strip, seared in oil with a dash of salt. Set to rest five minutes, prior to plating
Topped with oven roasted white mushrooms, stuffed with chive cream cheese and garlic butter
Fluffy white loaf, lightly baked in garlic spread
Decorative green grapes and juicy blueberries (Suggest fresh parsley as garnish – perfect breath freshener!)

Culinary Candy Level Up! Poetry

Day 15/90: The Mourners Diet – Part 2

The candy may crack our teeth
but the heart is already split
We gum into the pieces
hoping they’ll make us fit
The dentist will love this,
he’ll tisk and tell me to quit
Next week, I promise!
As long as the sale is under two-bits


Culinary Candy Level Up!

Day 13/90: Kee’s White Clam Sauce

My favorite dish to make when I need a nourishing hug and a weeks worth of anti-Vampire breath. Proceed with caution!
Pasta of choice – angel hair or small shells
Handful of fresh parsley – chopped
2 cans of SNOWS chopped clams (Don’t dare substituting!)
1 bottle of SNOWS clam juice (optional amounts – I like it soupy)
2-4-8 cloves of garlic
Half a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Half stick of butter
Red and black ground pepper
Fresh graded Parm cheese (please do not use powered green can stuff – bleck)

Boil H20 for pasta – dash of salt and splash of EVOO – cook pasta per instructions
Use same spoon to stir pasta & sauce 🙂 Large sauce pan:
4 pours of EVOO (pour counting to 4)
Medium heat – Add crushed or chopped garlic
Cook until garlic is tender – do not burn!
Add 1 pad of butter and squeeze clam juice from both cans (put clams aside)
Add parsley – Pour in jar of juice – Bring to simmer – Down to low heat – Add in clams
Stir, taste – Does it need pepper? Your call…
Is the pasta done yet? – Yes?! Great!

Add pasta into favorite shallow bowl plate – spoon on sauce – dig for those clams! – Garnish with Parm

Slurp and Enjoy!

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