Level Up! Poetry

Day 82/90: Autumn in Vermont 

I’m not so much into pumpkin spice, but this time of year, really is nice.
Not one for nostalgia all the time, I’m feeling aches of memories, as Vermont leaves fall through the maple chimes.
Even from Cali, I can tell the air is crisp, apples have fallen and rotten on the ground.
The sweet smell overcoming any mood, even the most maudlin – Just sip in that smell, of all the comforting food.
My heart aches for wood smoke, maple and wool, but what comes next…Oh all that ice, just won’t due!
I’ll visit you again, my beloved land of green, but after the tinsel, winter thaw and spring, so fresh and so clean.#healingthroughcreativity #90daylevelupkee #autumn🍁 #vermonster#leafpeepers #mapleveins #naturesrainbow🍂🍁🍂 #sipsip #dirtychai
Level Up! Poetry

79/90: Waxed Me

Waxed Me
Hold the trophy, they said to me
Oscar smiled up, with that molded glee
I held him tall, confused by this call
Then all went black, feeling the hot wax
Feck, now I am frozen, never able to relax


Level Up! Poetry

Day 76/90: Face those fears

Face those fears
Look them in the eye, Smile; say “hi!”
Pocket the feeling, keep on reelin’
The inevitable may always be near, but we mustn’t live our lives in fear.

Photo cred: @lalalejeune
Prop cred: @lalalejeune @lejeuneseses – I love my new friend, thank you both! ✨🍭✨ #healingthroughcreativity #90daylevelupkee #facethefear#respectthebeyond #followbliss #bdaygifts

Level Up! Poetry

Day 70/90: Negative Space

Color choices, Supreme Court voices
Red and Green, what’s really between?
The reality show blares bright, but who’s benefiting from this fight?
Looking at all sides, we’ll see if Justice is indeed blind. Perhaps it’s time, to unwind that bind.
#healingthroughcreativity #90daylevelupkee #keesio #politics#realityshow #unplug #televisionisbrainwashing #lolcrylol

Level Up! Poetry

Day 51/90: Playing in the Shadows

While we strive to live in the endlessness of summer, it’s impossible to stop the slippery and darkest of seasons. Assets of time linger and bade, tap dancing into a cascade of mixed feelings, reasons and fading days. We see them coming a month away, and while we await the inevitable, in the shadows, we’ll dance and play.


Level Up! Poetry

Day 45/90: “you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever” ~ #45 08/08/15

With the intended ugliness of insecurity and a fear of the unknown – it’s even more important to face our adversaries and show them exactly, what it is, they are stating.
Be brave, create their perceived nightmare and realize that their fears are not ours to own. Instead, as creators, we get to embrace and become, what it is they fear. ✊✌️💪


Level Up! Poetry

Day 43/90: The Mourner’s Garden

We gardened today (I know right?!) Had lots a thoughts, starring you
Mumms, tulips, lillies of the valley
Kitties helping, spraying, leaving poo
Here I am today, digging at the dust, in Cali
Puppies are now helpers, barking at a boo
I think you’d be proud of our design…
Lots of succulents, with hints of blue
A spray of water, mixed with love,
All will be fine; but definitely missing you 💚🌈💚


Level Up! Poetry

Day 42/90: Cutting it close!

Sometimes, I slip away
Seeing crayola, bubbles
Maybe a robot, or two.
It’s comfy here
In my cocoon,
Ideas, dreams,
rainbows and tunes.
Kept safe, for now,
From any looming goons


Level Up! Poetry

Day 35/90: Joyful Collaborations 

Life is full of zigs and zags,
best to wear them proud.
Be brave, fly those razor flags,
lighten up, gotta laugh out loud.
Better with help, cause life is a gag.
Thankful for crazy color clouds…
And friends with their mad skills,
that are super fresh and never lag.

PS – always hydrate your neck 🤣


August 23, 2018


Level Up! Poetry

Day 33/90: Getting Organized

My office is an armory…
Chalked with inky weapons,
Ready to be plucked.
Battle cries from centuries,
Backing up the fight.
Lead by powerful creators;
Sizzle, percolate and swirl.
Relics still of relevance,
Graphite, ink, strings and lace.
Keeping the mind open…
About face – Awaken!
For the next written battle.

August 22, 2018


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