Wealth thru LIBERTY: 7 Easy Steps

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Step 1: Listening

Step 2: Investigate

Step 3: Breakthru

Step 4: Empower

Step 5: Risk

Step 6: Truth

Step 7: Yield



#LL21C How to... Vids Level Up!

Day 90/90: How To…(randomly) Start a Band \m/

Sponsored by Frankenberry 👾
Cameo by #wileytclark😍
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#LL21C #LL21c Presents Level Up! LL21C Interviews The Reinvention of Lady Liberty

Day 81/90: #LL21c Concept Video

To all my Liberty Leaders,

You have assisted, listened, smiled,

Lent me your idea’s, and sticker’ed it up

From the top of the toy torch to the souls of my feet

Thank you for helping incubate this crazy idea.


#LL21c Presents Level Up!

Day 58/90: Channeling Buster

It’s no mistake that on Sundays, in the heart of Hollywood, on my way to Improv Class, I see this mural of #busterkeaton. Today, I stopped and danced with him a minute. ✨🍭✨


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#LL21c Speaks with Tell Me Everything w/ Janelle Brown Podcast

#LL21C Speaks

Special Edition Release of “Tell Me Everything, with Janelle Brow”
Recorded at Starling Studios, Saratoga Springs NY, on June 12th 2018
Initially released September 11, 2018

#LL21c Presents Level Up! Poetry

Day 30/90: A date with Jack (mofo) White \m/!!

Black and Blues
Spraying moon-lit faces
Jupiter winking
Dancing souls, smiling graces
~Case of the Punks~
Thrashing ~Hotel Yorba~
What?! Phone free
Memory bank obsorba
Jack and team, White lights
~We’re gunna be friends~
In a sea of rainbowbrites


August 19, 2018

#LL21C #LL21c Presents How to... Vids Level Up!

Day 25/90: How to…Sleeve It Anywhere

August 14, 2018

#LL21c Presents How to... Vids Level Up!

Day 24/90: Coming Clean w/ “The Great Caper”

August 13th, 2018

#LL21C Level Up! Sketches

Day 12/90: Defining #LL21c

Defining @LL21c 🗽

What’s she look like?! Not this – but it’s a start
What she’s seen,
may break your heart

So, we’ll tell her story,
Through lots more art

#LL21C Level Up!

Day 5/90- Who says Direct Mail is dead? #LL21C

Today, I created a process to easily mail out #LL21C stickers.  Top tasks for improvement included; giving thanks and (hopefully) creating a fun experience.  Without the support, interest and feet on the ground from others, there would be no #LL21c, 90 Day Level-Up or KeeSio the Long Winded WrArtist.  Community is everything and I am so sincerely grateful for the all of you!

Want some fun mail for once?  Click the link below —>