#LL21C WrArtist Keelin Siobhan

Keelin Siobhan

Female – 38 – White: Irish/German/Italian – Born: Burlington Vermont – Lives: Southern California – Spiritual (Agnostic) – Peace & Freedom Party

What does Liberty mean to you?

Liberty is the right to live the life you want, as long as you are not hurting others.

Who is your Role Model/Super Hero?

Obviously,  I am very inspired by Lady Liberty and literally have looked up to her! I am also inspired by women who have made a difference by rising above hard situations and using the power of their words, to help others —> such as Malala Yousafzai.

Tell us about something that confuses you or that you do not understand.

There are a lot of things I am working to understand, hence this project.  Some days it is how best to understand the root cause of racism, other days I fight understanding SoCal traffic!

What did you have for dinner last night?

Ha! I think this might be my favorite question! I was at a family BBQ and in SoCal that means carna asada and pollo tacos. For dessert, I had a piece of delicious white cake, of which, I just ate the frosting.

What are your thoughts on the current National Conversation, in the summer of 2018?

Through my personal filter, think it is very provocative.  When I watch corporate “news,” I hear a lot of yelling and blame shifting.  I rarely watch it now, because it’s really just a time suck.  I think there is a lot of deflection going on, so I do my best to pay attention to my immediate surroundings and figure out ways to help my family, friends and community on a local levels.

What comes to mind when you think of the Statue of Liberty?  Have you visited Liberty Island?

Liberty Enlightening the World has always inspired me.  When I was a child, I actually climb to the crown -which was really cool and I encourage the experience! When I lived in Brooklyn in the early Y2K’s, I would always seek her out from the F train, to/from work in Manhattan.  Just spotting her shimmer, even from the distance, always gave me chills.  There has always been a connection there, near and far.

Keelin Siobhan, is a Vermont-born writer and artist currently residing in Southern California.  A creative leader with a colorful and energetic history in the Arts and Technology, she has worked across diverse platforms and multiple brands for two decades.  Through retrospective and playful prose, jarring visual content, and an unquenchable lust for World Peace, she strives to bring a fresh and positive focus on the current human condition.

Day 1/90- The glass is half full, until it shatters 

95 days ago I walked into a gas station and forgot to buy a pack of smokes.  That evening I smoked my last three yellow American Spirits. The next morning, I re-read Allen Carrs’ Easy Way To Stop Smoking.  I haven’t touched a cigarette since. But, I didn’t quit – I retired.  

Glass ½ full → *Level-Up!

5 days later, I had my last beer. I had already cut out wine and hard liquor. While reading EasyWay, it dawned on me that I had been justifying my beer consumption the same way I had been speaking about my smoking.  The realization hit me – in order to quit smokes, I had to quit booze. But quitting didn’t work for me, so I retired.

Glass 3/4 full → Level-Up!

55 days ago, I left my corporate job to focus on #LL21c and my writing.  I’ve done some pretty crazy things in my life, pushing boundaries and following my heart. This one though, was one of the biggest leaps of faith and scariest steps I have ever taken. So, I packed up my corporate knowledge tool kit, looked forward, stepped off the ledge and retired.

Glass ½ full → Level-Up!

30 days ago my Mum died.  In the midst of revamping Liberty Enlightening the World – #LL21c, my own maternal guiding light was forever extinguished. This was my 60 day mark with no booze – a day I had meant to celebrate, but The Universe had other plans. She was my biggest fan and hardest critic. I always knew I had her unconditional love, but that day, she retired in her own way.  You never quit being a daughter, but a piece of my heart crumpled, and has gone into a silent, eternal retirement.

Glass Shatters → (I must) Level-up.

3 months ago, I made a commitment to not smoke or booze for 90 days.  Through others kindness, love and inspiration, the craters in my path have been easier to navigate and I am so extremely grateful. I have also learned that, much comfort has come through nurioushing my WrArtisty.  What will happen in the next 90 days in particle is unknown, but I will be creating something new, each day. And the harboring and starving my creativity have now gone into retirement.

New Glass; a bit blue but much thicker → Level-UP!

*Level-Up – soul altering moments which consist of abundance or loss and always growth. You’ve reached the goal (w00t!) and then the Universe decides to submerge you with another set of challenges – making your familiar world look completely different.

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A Mourner’s Garden

“A Mourner’s Garden,” has been created to help with grief, after having experienced the passing of loved ones, in a short time period. I am hopeful this artwork will assist others who are facing lost, as well as new beginnings (such as Graduations,) which can sometimes be just as scary. As “A Mourner’s Garden” grows, my hope is that these pieces will inspire, heal and bloom, for others going through their own muddy seasons. Although the shadows may seem endless, bright days are ahead. Thank you for celebrating with me here, in A Mourner’s Garden. ~KeeSio

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Messy Punk Flower
Hello Flower

Day 87/90: Polling Clerk Clark

While sitting in my 3-hr Poll Worker training today (voting not dancing 😂), I realized I’d never given thought, as to how much goes into the seemingly simple task of casting a vote.
As with the individual candidates campaigns, tons of time, manpower and processes are needed to ensure a successful Election Day —> 11/6/18!! I won’t go into all of the gory details, but I will say that the Poll Workers are kinda like the Umpires of the Election. And I’m stoked to help oversee this year’s series, in Orange County, CA.
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