90 Day Level – Up! Creative Challenge

“The unexamined life is not worth living” ~Socrates

While the unexamined life, is definitely still worth living – utilizing examination as a tool can have very powerful and healing outcome.

I found this to be true, after the passing of my mom, this past June. I created the 90 level up challenge  as a much needed outlet for my emotions, which seemed so irrational at times and a way to keep from falling into a dark abyss.

My challenge was simple, create something new, everyday, for 90 days – it could be a recipe, a drawing, an outfit, a shared memory, a photo, a poem, a video – here are the results.

I invite you to challenge yourself – everyone is creative – we just need to allow ourselves the bravery and time, to explore…

After all….

“Time is our biggest asset!”



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