The Reinvention of Lady Liberty #LL21c

With all the unhappiness in the world, it seems time for a renaissance of our souls and a sharper focus on freedom. With this renaissance, we also need a guiding element to assist in our journey. Utilizing a beloved, albeit sometimes misunderstood icon will help connect the world, which at this time, is seemingly so broken.

The Statue of Liberty has been not only a form of freedom, but a vision of hope and possibility. The original name for “Lady Liberty” is “Liberty Enlightening the World.”  Through years of turmoil and forgotten promises, her maiden name has been lost and with it, a focus upon the true meaning of Liberty.

As defined by Google, Liberty is the state of being free (within society) from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.  The time is Now, to reconnect with and update our beloved Lady Liberty – not only for Americans, but for the World.  It was no mistake that the French inscribed and christened her, Liberty Enlightening the World : La Liberté éclairant le monde.

Through her resurrection and redefinition, it is hoped that she will inspire and drive great change, that of which, many have been hoping for.  Upon her makeover, we will see that she is not one shining light, but many, created out of all cultures and nationalities, sexes and colors.

A little history; according to the National Park Service ( the Father of Statue of Liberty, “Édouard de Laboulaye believed whole-heartedly in the “common law of free peoples,” an ideal in which every person was born with an inalienable, sacred right to freedom, and spent much of his political career pushing for the return of democracy to France.”

Laboulaye was positively inspired by the outcome of the US Civil War and envisioned a project, which connected his home country of France with the United States.  Through the Franco-American Union, he championed for France to foot the bill for the Statue and the US to provide the land, which she would reside upon.  By doing this, he was connecting countries, leading partnership and exposing a need for global unity, through artistic visibility and enlightenment, one so bright, the world could not ignore.

Liberty’s architect, Bartholdi is said to have created her image from several sources, including that of an Arab peasant women and his own mother. However the most popular being a representation of the Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas ( Due to the timing of the project, in 1886, there are also several (unverified) accounts that the image was originally that of an African American slave.  In our resurgence of Lady Liberty, and in the theme of what she represents, diverse female archetypes are encouraged to be included as the new face(s) of her Ladyship.

According to the popular voting site,, this icon has a deep soul as well.  Borrowing from their list, there are several symbolic pieces of Liberty, that can be elevated and rediscover, to help lift this icon, into a hopeful light, as well.  For instance, her torch is that of one, lighting the path to liberty, which is something we all crave – not only a brave soul, but one which lights the future, which is really is so bright.  She is crowned, which indicates that she is divine – no matter your belief system, we are all truly divine; we just need a reminder once in a while. Though the site says this is up for debate, her Seven Spikes represent the seven continents – further encapsulating the image of liberty throughout the world.  Ranker also points out that her broken shackles, could represent Freedom from Oppression – no explanation needed there!  And though there are more listed, the last and most powerful is her Active Stride, which is leading the way. For every step taken, towards world peace and liberty, no matter the length or speed, is one step closer to the renaissance of our souls.

Through the twentieth century and today, Lady Liberty stands proudly, welcoming all those who see her.  The feeling she personally provides to an individual, is not up for interpretation from the masses.  She been known as a symbol of freedom, oppression, hope and heartbreak, throughout her time on the job.  Many articles have been written, or renderings have been done of her, however no matter the audience, it is easy to realize that deep inside, she awakes something in all of us.

As a Global Civilization, we are hungry for a symbol of hope and freedom.  Shepard Fairy’s rendition of Barack Obama via Hope was a great start, however it was not a unifying icon (unfortunately), there was no vision for the aftermath (of his presidency) and it represented the status quo, something We The People, so greatly need a break from.

By revamping, making over and bringing her into the 21st century, Liberty Enlightens the World, has a great shot at completing Fairly and Obama’s vision and bringing greater good and peace into the world.  This is a symbol who has tested father time, aged gracefully, but is also a fairly benign icon.  There is limited emotion when she is represented satirically or seriously, but lately, often shown as that of a victim.

As her debut approaches, her mission, Our mission, is to rise up, no longer potential victims, but a strong Yin, ensuring future generations are guided by the bright light of freedom, stepping forward towards a loving society, always remembering the value of equality, diversity and world peace.  She is the face to help gently guide us through the much needed, renaissance and awakening of our own souls.



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