Are you sick of:

  • Getting little or no engagement on your posts?
  • Not having an audience that gets you?
  • Hoping your content will bring in paying customers?
  • Feeling like you don’t look good on camera or know what to say?

Have you had it with:

  • Other people getting all the attention?
  • Not being seen and heard?
  • Knowing your message is powerful and will serve so many, if you could only get them to find you?

As a Dog Care Professional, this is for you ONLY if you are:

  • Compassionate
  • Aware
  • Curious
  • Empathetic
  • Courageous

And now is the right time for you because it’s time to:

  • make a huge impact
  • share your gifts
  • create a voice for yourself
  • share your unique shine

Here's How It Works:

  • Create powerful videos the $ell Showcase your own personal shine
  • Catch your audience’s attention
  • Eliminate recording anxiety
  • Share videos to a safe and engaged audience


  • Personalized Video Audits
  • Greater confidence
  • End video isolation
  • Insider video secrets
  • Unleashed Profits!

TWO Bonuses!


Two 1×1 Camera Coaching Calls (Value $497)

  • 30 minute private coaching session with Camera Coach Keelin Conant
  • Get clarity around YOUR specific video engagement and marketing

Two 1×1 Dog Care Business Strategy Calls (Value $497)

  • 30 minute private coaching session with Industry Dog Car Leader Andrew Marrangoni
  • Get clarity around industry best practices, set up and business next steps


Laser Pocket Coaching with Andrew and Keelin (Value $497)

  • Direct access to us via the free text and voice memo Voxer app
  • Message us your specific, business, marketing and video questions

Profit Unlea$hed 5 Week Intensive:
Value $1500
Bonus 1 – Private Sessions with Coaches Keelin and Andrew:
Value $994
Bonus 2 – Laser Pocket Coaching:
Value $497
Total Value: $2991

Dog Care Specialist Pricing: $497

You don't have to press record alone!


Keelin Conant

I am passionate about helping you show up on camera as a powerful leader, for the people you inspire, guide and cultivate. As a driven entrepreneur, you get to create amazing results via video, while tapping into your creative potential and healing stories.

My name is Keelin Siobhan Conant, and I am an the owner of Liberty Empowerment Coaching and dog mom to chiweeenie Wiley and lab/kelpie Boca.

For over twenty years, I’ve worked beside amazing leaders in the entertainment, technology and marketing industries. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Antioch University and am radically in love with humanity.

Andrew Marrangoni

Dog Care Specialist Pricing: $497

I began my career in pet care and training in 2007. As a dog walker, it quickly became apparent that a strong opportunity existed in the Pittsburgh-area for animals and their owners. In addition to providing care, many owners expressed a need for training. In response to both that need and my passion for animals, I enrolled in and graduated from a certified animal behavior program. With the requisite skills and experience, he formed SCPL in 2008 to meet the growing demand in the Pittsburgh-area.

As my business grew, I developed a partnership with the Dog daycare. During my time there, I instituted policies and procedures consistent with high quality pet care. I also authored and implemented an employee handbook, and played a critical role in the opening of additional stores. Two of these locations were franchises which required significant training and preparation prior to launch.

In 2015, with the recognition that the best opportunity to deliver best of class, ethical pet care was within the confines of my own business, I returned to focusing my energies exclusively on SCPL. With a renewed focus on my primary business pet-care and behavior training.

In 2019, I expanded my consulting offering to include an entrepreneurial development program. The program is designed to provide the tools, education and support needed by pet care professionals to enable their businesses to grow and succeed.

Andrew Marrangoni

What people are saying...

I attended a free seminar with Andrew and he was amazing! He patiently listened to the problems I was having with my pack, and I really felt heard. He offered practical advice and suggestions for me to implement in my home – while continuing to foster a non-punishment based relationship with my dogs. Love his approach!

Andrew is an amazing human with a plethora of knowledge and experience. He helped me start my pet care business as my mentor in 2019. He helped me with the logistical side, as well as the ebbs and flows of emotions, successes, lessons learned and more. He continued to stay in touch to make sure I was supported along my journey. He helped me avoid pitfalls and unnecessary bad experiences… and celebrated all the good things that come with owning your own business. Currently he has helped me in hiring my first employees, raising rates, and continues to stand by my side as I further my education to become a dog trainer. There are SO many paths in this career and I love that Andrew has experience and wisdom in all the areas. He has been an irreplaceable mentor and become a great friend as well.

The name perfectly describes this program. If you choose to participate, be on the weekly calls and do the assignments. In 5 weeks you will have created content you can repurpose, grow your knowledge of creating digital content, and most importantly creating confidence and finding your authentic style.

When I started working with Keelin, I was truly afraid to push record and even more hesitant to put it out there where people can see it. Now, it seems like everything has changed. I definitely have much more confidence and I am offering regular Facebook lives. My words come out more fluidly and…most important is I’m having fun! Thank you, Keelin!

Keelin offers a safe, fun, and loving place to grow your confidence on camera for both personal or business reasons. She provides support, clarity, and direction to help with every aspect of creating outstanding video magic!