Level Up!

Day 56/90: Filling in the blanks

I found this little ditty in the school files my mum saved, all these years. 💚🌈💚 I’ve taken a crack at updating this 7th grade rhyming exercise, because now that I have content, it’s time to #levelup! on —>Editing:

There once was a man, lacking social graces
A poor detective, he was; in more than two places
“Now what’s this” he blinked, “Perhaps a cute little flee?” Well no siree…
It was actually a Bee!
Zap! Zap! The bites sunk deep
Since then, he no longer has cases
Nor can see, anyone else’s faces


Level Up!

Day 55/90: That Handsome Prep, Celebrated

What?! Oh yeah! Happy Birfday to my handsome rock steady!

You’re the best and always so fresh.

Your gunshow shines bright and your smile is outta sight.

Cheers to another year and I am so very damn thankful, for you.

Level Up!

Day 52/90: Smoke-less Mail; A Celebration

I love getting mail and today’s delivery did not disappoint! Thank you for the support and prop for today’s video, @julinko. As I celebrate 150 days smoke free, I dance for us, for Redmond, for clean air and lungs, less waste, more money, confidence, abundance and some damn fly bling! ✨🙏🍭🙏✨