Level Up!

Day 64/90: A Couple’s Homage to Autumn 

Things get weird when the shadows become long. Faces blanch in the moon light; pockets of trinkets, at the ready. Collaborative sorting, pieces of stone, shards of glass, consorting. Equinox is ready, as the temperatures drop steady.


Level Up! Poetry

Day 26/90: WrArtist Block

Oh, WrArtist block, I knew you would come
Eventually, I knew you were due to flicker
Blarg, tonight I want zzz’s more than peace
The slow burn has caught up, so Why bother, Why bicker?
You win this round, WrArtist block, but the next one’s on me
While I side with sleep, I’ll also ensure your essence dissipates
Tomorrow, refreshed and clear, I’ll have overcome my block
And this silly fear

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