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Day 71/90: Grateful Dance

Level Up! Poetry

Day 70/90: Negative Space

Color choices, Supreme Court voices
Red and Green, what’s really between?
The reality show blares bright, but who’s benefiting from this fight?
Looking at all sides, we’ll see if Justice is indeed blind. Perhaps it’s time, to unwind that bind.
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Level Up!

Day 65/90: Make music, make memories

Tv on the Radio played tonight in honor of @dcocsc_justgoandbe belated bday! ‘Twas a magical evening, lit by lunar rays, sweet smoke and a really handsome date. ✨😍✨

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Day 64/90: A Couple’s Homage to Autumn 

Things get weird when the shadows become long. Faces blanch in the moon light; pockets of trinkets, at the ready. Collaborative sorting, pieces of stone, shards of glass, consorting. Equinox is ready, as the temperatures drop steady.


KEESIO Level Up!

Day 63/90: #34 and a gun show

Ive attempted to recap my audition today, per video…but please note, it was waaaaay more intense, rigorous and fun, than this little #vloggert of gratitude ✨🍭
Watch Here!
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Day 61/90: Goals R Gr8t!

…and so are… 30 days, 7 goals, 2 colors, 1 whiteboard and a (not so) secret level-up plan 💥💥💥
KEESIO Level Up! Prose

Day 60/90: Field Trips: A Continued Education 

I’m honored to have spent this afternoon at the Palos Verdes Arts Center with an amazing guide and fellow art lover, @gail.phinney. We began with a viewing of the current exhibit: Echiko Ohira’s “Works in Paper.” The pieces are breathtaking and articulate – If you can, go see it!

After a delicious lunch with nibbles of tri-tip tacos and great conversation, we ventured over to the Wayfarers (Glass) Chapel, constricted in 1951 by Lloyd Wright. Surrounded by pines and overlooking the rocky shore, it’s easy to feel the pulsing romance and absorbe the beauty of the property.
Oh, how I love a good field trip and today was one filled with art, history and bliss 🙂 Thank you again for your time, Gail! As I say so often, Time is one of our biggest assets and I’m so grateful to have shared this experience!
#healingthroughcreativity #90daylevelupkee #neverstoplearning#followyourbliss #rideahorse #arthistoryarchitecturerox #grateful#fieldtrippinwin ✨✌️✨


Culinary Candy Level Up!

Day 57/90: The Mourners Diet – Part 7

It turns out, I am having torrid love affair with Ice Cream. The flavor differs, but additional pieces of sweet and rainbow sprinkles are mandatory. This conehead helps bring forward a taste of inner peace and cooling of a metallic bite, that just doesn’t seem to go away.

Level Up!

Day 56/90: Filling in the blanks

I found this little ditty in the school files my mum saved, all these years. 💚🌈💚 I’ve taken a crack at updating this 7th grade rhyming exercise, because now that I have content, it’s time to #levelup! on —>Editing:

There once was a man, lacking social graces
A poor detective, he was; in more than two places
“Now what’s this” he blinked, “Perhaps a cute little flee?” Well no siree…
It was actually a Bee!
Zap! Zap! The bites sunk deep
Since then, he no longer has cases
Nor can see, anyone else’s faces


Level Up!

Day 55/90: That Handsome Prep, Celebrated

What?! Oh yeah! Happy Birfday to my handsome rock steady!

You’re the best and always so fresh.

Your gunshow shines bright and your smile is outta sight.

Cheers to another year and I am so very damn thankful, for you.

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