Level Up! Poetry

Day 70/90: Negative Space

Color choices, Supreme Court voices
Red and Green, what’s really between?
The reality show blares bright, but who’s benefiting from this fight?
Looking at all sides, we’ll see if Justice is indeed blind. Perhaps it’s time, to unwind that bind.
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Level Up!

Day 59/90: 3 Libras

Coffee tawlk with a friends today 😂
Level Up!

Day 55/90: That Handsome Prep, Celebrated

What?! Oh yeah! Happy Birfday to my handsome rock steady!

You’re the best and always so fresh.

Your gunshow shines bright and your smile is outta sight.

Cheers to another year and I am so very damn thankful, for you.

Level Up!

Day 44/90: Head Games

Neither will cuddle head to head with me, but I catch them, like this, on my way to bed. These two snicker and leer, while Boca and I roll our eyes, “don’t let us interrupt, my dear.” Adorable noggins blinking up, and I just laugh, because we’re all totally in love, that much is clear.


Level Up! Poetry

Day 42/90: Cutting it close!

Sometimes, I slip away
Seeing crayola, bubbles
Maybe a robot, or two.
It’s comfy here
In my cocoon,
Ideas, dreams,
rainbows and tunes.
Kept safe, for now,
From any looming goons


Level Up! Poetry

Day 35/90: Joyful Collaborations 

Life is full of zigs and zags,
best to wear them proud.
Be brave, fly those razor flags,
lighten up, gotta laugh out loud.
Better with help, cause life is a gag.
Thankful for crazy color clouds…
And friends with their mad skills,
that are super fresh and never lag.

PS – always hydrate your neck 🤣


August 23, 2018


Level Up! Poetry

Day 33/90: Getting Organized

My office is an armory…
Chalked with inky weapons,
Ready to be plucked.
Battle cries from centuries,
Backing up the fight.
Lead by powerful creators;
Sizzle, percolate and swirl.
Relics still of relevance,
Graphite, ink, strings and lace.
Keeping the mind open…
About face – Awaken!
For the next written battle.

August 22, 2018


Level Up! Poetry

Day 26/90: WrArtist Block

Oh, WrArtist block, I knew you would come
Eventually, I knew you were due to flicker
Blarg, tonight I want zzz’s more than peace
The slow burn has caught up, so Why bother, Why bicker?
You win this round, WrArtist block, but the next one’s on me
While I side with sleep, I’ll also ensure your essence dissipates
Tomorrow, refreshed and clear, I’ll have overcome my block
And this silly fear

Culinary Candy Level Up! Poetry

Day 15/90: The Mourners Diet – Part 2

The candy may crack our teeth
but the heart is already split
We gum into the pieces
hoping they’ll make us fit
The dentist will love this,
he’ll tisk and tell me to quit
Next week, I promise!
As long as the sale is under two-bits


#LL21C Level Up! Sketches

Day 12/90: Defining #LL21c

Defining @LL21c 🗽

What’s she look like?! Not this – but it’s a start
What she’s seen,
may break your heart

So, we’ll tell her story,
Through lots more art