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Day 63/90: #34 and a gun show

Ive attempted to recap my audition today, per video…but please note, it was waaaaay more intense, rigorous and fun, than this little #vloggert of gratitude ✨🍭
Watch Here!
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Day 61/90: Goals R Gr8t!

…and so are… 30 days, 7 goals, 2 colors, 1 whiteboard and a (not so) secret level-up plan 💥💥💥
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Day 59/90: 3 Libras

Coffee tawlk with a friends today 😂
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Day 52/90: Smoke-less Mail; A Celebration

I love getting mail and today’s delivery did not disappoint! Thank you for the support and prop for today’s video, @julinko. As I celebrate 150 days smoke free, I dance for us, for Redmond, for clean air and lungs, less waste, more money, confidence, abundance and some damn fly bling! ✨🙏🍭🙏✨


Level Up! Poetry

Day 51/90: Playing in the Shadows

While we strive to live in the endlessness of summer, it’s impossible to stop the slippery and darkest of seasons. Assets of time linger and bade, tap dancing into a cascade of mixed feelings, reasons and fading days. We see them coming a month away, and while we await the inevitable, in the shadows, we’ll dance and play.


Level Up! Poetry

Day 35/90: Joyful Collaborations 

Life is full of zigs and zags,
best to wear them proud.
Be brave, fly those razor flags,
lighten up, gotta laugh out loud.
Better with help, cause life is a gag.
Thankful for crazy color clouds…
And friends with their mad skills,
that are super fresh and never lag.

PS – always hydrate your neck 🤣


August 23, 2018


Level Up!

Day 32/90: Secret Recipe for Rainbow Hair


1. Be flexible – the color you want may not happen for a few washes (or may fade quickly)
2. Keep it fresh – add some of the dye and mix it with some of your favorite conditioner – keep in hair for 5-10 minutes (wash hair, leave in conditioner, wash body, dance, sing, splash…then rinse hair)
3. Let the professionals (aka hair magicians) do the hard stuff – cuts, bleach, shifts in shades – like pink to green, talking you out of going black, etc (and please, be sure to tip them well!)
4. Only wash your hair every few days to keep color longer. Use a dry shampoo to freshen in-between washes.
5. If you’re not into going all in, get an extension to try it out (how I started) or dye a strip in the back of your hair.

Remember —> Have fun! It’s just hair!

This recipe has been brought to you in part by many professional hair artists. Of whom, I am so grateful for putting up with me and my wild requests all these years – you guys are amazing! Mad respect and love!

August 21, 2018

Level Up! Sketches

Day 31/90: Rhinos are hard… to draw


A trip to the zoo is always inspiring and a little sad. There are so many majestic creatures. We watch, while they watch us, watching them. When their backs are turned away from us viewers, I try not to linger. It’s much like seeing a celebrity who just wants to finish lunch without talking about who they are.
There are, of course, those who know where their bread is buttered and will play the part, to get a snack. My friend here was nomming on a very delicious stick, out front, in the golden light of dusk. He gave me a wink after I snapped the pic, which I mangled in this sketch. I am thankful for zoos and the work they do, but I still hugged #wileytclark extra tight tonight, thanking the spirits that neither of us are sleeping in cages… at least, not tonight.

August 20, 2018


Level Up! Poetry

Day 26/90: WrArtist Block

Oh, WrArtist block, I knew you would come
Eventually, I knew you were due to flicker
Blarg, tonight I want zzz’s more than peace
The slow burn has caught up, so Why bother, Why bicker?
You win this round, WrArtist block, but the next one’s on me
While I side with sleep, I’ll also ensure your essence dissipates
Tomorrow, refreshed and clear, I’ll have overcome my block
And this silly fear

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Day 17/90: MOVE

Wash that sad, right outta my hair!

Move my arse; get a bit of sand… umm, everywhere! 😂

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