KEESIO Level Up!

Day 62/90: Kee’s Kit

Organization, inspiration, citrus sticks, a dash of sugar and frivolous lips. ✨🗽🍭💥🎨💋🤑✨ What’s in your kit?! Kit-Kats, sunflaps and maybe a fit-bit?? 😂


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#LL21c Speaks with Tell Me Everything w/ Janelle Brown Podcast

#LL21C Speaks

Special Edition Release of “Tell Me Everything, with Janelle Brow”
Recorded at Starling Studios, Saratoga Springs NY, on June 12th 2018
Initially released September 11, 2018

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Day 54/90: #LL21C Speaks

Thankful to have spent a beautiful June evening with @tell_me_everything_podcast discussing #LL21C

Thank you for your time and amazing questions, @raven_starling! Our chat has helped me clarify direction, terminology and geography in these past few months. Very grateful for this opportunity and experience! 🙏

Photo cred: @demonicaphoto 😍

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“What does LIBERTY mean to you?” •
#ll21c •
Special edition release of TELL ME EVERYTHING •

KSC note—>Korean friendship Bell is located in San Pedro, doh on me!

Level Up!

Day 38/90: The Past just called…Collect

This wicked old phone, always silent and unplugged…suddenly buzzing, thrusting and burning my ears!
Who’d have this number? At this time of night? Perhaps a phantom operator? An ancient and spooky party line? Someone in tears?
It won’t stop ringing, so I shakily grasp the relic, accepting the inflated charges, outta curiosity, and an ample amount of fear…….
Oh, sorry, wrong number, hee hee! – click. Oh…Kay…so that really freaks me out and grinds my ghost hunting’ gears.

Moral of the tale:
#omfg, #dontanswerantiquephones#lolcrylol

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Voyage LA Interview

Check out the Voyage LA Interview!


#LL21c In The Media Level Up!

Day 18/90: A Big Grateful Win (and a shiny piece for the creative arsenal)

Check out this interview with @voyagelamag! Great working with them and honored to be interviewed! ✨🍭✨


#LL21C Level Up! Sketches

Day 12/90: Defining #LL21c

Defining @LL21c 🗽

What’s she look like?! Not this – but it’s a start
What she’s seen,
may break your heart

So, we’ll tell her story,
Through lots more art