Level Up! Poetry

Day 70/90: Negative Space

Color choices, Supreme Court voices
Red and Green, what’s really between?
The reality show blares bright, but who’s benefiting from this fight?
Looking at all sides, we’ll see if Justice is indeed blind. Perhaps it’s time, to unwind that bind.
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Level Up! Poetry

Day 16/90: Getting real with emotions 

That fun, cracked, candy soul,
had a pretty hard day
Salt sprayed from skin,
that’s kinda turning grey
Surrounded by beauty,
I’m really feckin’ moody
Who knew purgatory,
could look so sugary

Level Up!

Day 11/90: Fact Check!

Oops, our memories are great, but keepsakes never lie. My first concert *was The #RollingStones and I was a hearty Nine. However, with all #fakenews there is always a slice of reality – Jonathan was indeed my favorite.

JULY 31, 2018