Level Up! Poetry

Day 35/90: Joyful Collaborations 

Life is full of zigs and zags,
best to wear them proud.
Be brave, fly those razor flags,
lighten up, gotta laugh out loud.
Better with help, cause life is a gag.
Thankful for crazy color clouds…
And friends with their mad skills,
that are super fresh and never lag.

PS – always hydrate your neck 🤣


August 23, 2018


#LL21c Presents Level Up! Poetry

Day 30/90: A date with Jack (mofo) White \m/!!

Black and Blues
Spraying moon-lit faces
Jupiter winking
Dancing souls, smiling graces
~Case of the Punks~
Thrashing ~Hotel Yorba~
What?! Phone free
Memory bank obsorba
Jack and team, White lights
~We’re gunna be friends~
In a sea of rainbowbrites


August 19, 2018

Level Up! Poetry

Day 26/90: WrArtist Block

Oh, WrArtist block, I knew you would come
Eventually, I knew you were due to flicker
Blarg, tonight I want zzz’s more than peace
The slow burn has caught up, so Why bother, Why bicker?
You win this round, WrArtist block, but the next one’s on me
While I side with sleep, I’ll also ensure your essence dissipates
Tomorrow, refreshed and clear, I’ll have overcome my block
And this silly fear


Poetic Recollections

Evenings with Auntie
Cobble stone path, leads the way
Up, into my Auntie’s nostalgic living room
Warmth of the past, surrounded by smells of sweetness
Here we sit, watching the world go by
One snapchat at a time

Wiley Telsa Clark
He flops down like a bicycle, tired out and dirty
He sleeps as a log of sea wood, salt soaked and weighted
He snores like a generator, wild and then twitching
He jumps like a Tesla coil, springing and snapping
He loves lazily, slowing dripping down, kisses encasing me

Corfu’s Cee
Golden apple colored sand
Warm licking laps of salty love
Watery waves crashing into glass
Blue sparkles, rapidly winking
Splashing in a kumquat after bath

<3 Puck <3
My cool, grey rock of wisdom; so smooth and a bit scarred
A river of energy, always flowing and never too far
Now a whirling dervish, you’ve hit your head in the car
Articulate and precise, like the chains on your bike
I smile over at you, for you are my love of my life

The Transients of my Youth

Old and wrinkly, with whiffs of cigarettes and whiskey; his sparkling blues, tell me there is bubble gum and a surprise; I check the long pockets finding smiles and candy; I then look up, feeling quite loved and dandy

Southern Antebellum, with manicures of rouge, kind but broken, drinking fermented raspberries and booze; her man is gone, a war is still on, hopefully some funds, will help her move on

Irish and grumpy, redheaded and rockin’, football with silence, movies of canned violence; Double features and fries, we have a good time, he buys me a watch, as a keepsake of our bind

German Muslim, sister and stressed, Turkish dancing at night, with memories, knowing she is blessed; chocolates swirl around, but she is starving and suddenly falls down; night then falls and she can now eat, the fast is over, and what a feat!

Burly and bearded, stinking of failure; he is noisy and imposing, promising messy favors; overweight and hungry, despite his Nordic Track endeavors, he is a addicted to cookies, what a humongous bummer

A Joke Between Friends
Corfu U Corfu
Corfu Me Me Me

Seeing Red in Amsterdam
They aren’t even trying; she stated in disgust
No one is even going in, what the actual fuck
That one is open; I pointed out with mischievous glee
I am not going in there; as the door shut on a flea
Why aren’t they naked, she thought out loud, as we stopped
Well, they can’t sell all the goods, before her payment has been got!

The Suitcase #1
Suitcase is crooked, like the trip I am on
Jeans are sloppily folded, crumpled atop pink plastic
Meaty clothes are spilling out, overlooked by a judgmental sticker
A Unicorn, adorned with a glistening, rainbow horn
Tags from past travels, still present and valid
Warn out, stretched straps, poking a its sides
Black rubber surrounded with fangs of steel
Teeth ready to chomp down and zip all the way home

The Suitcase #5
Specs of a dusty past
From all over our global atmosphere
Embedded deep within your rubber
Seeking the next adventure

Um, Where’d ya go?
Her aerated Keds, crystal white with lonely slashes of cobalt
Hounds-tooth pants, soft but void of her legs
Kate Spade vessel, vacant, swirling with embroidered paisleys

Home is where my boys are
I miss them dearly
Seeing red with white,
No longer holding anything fragile,
Except for the memories of past trips
And my longing to return home

My Echo
Humble reflections
Whizzing around
Like an annoying
Over caffeinated bumbled bee

Saratoga Disks
Time my nails my get done
A tradition on a dime
Shiny, glistening, grape disks
Well worth the money and time

The Business Man
It is weird here without you
The player is yelling, echoing your vinyl lined voice
I ramble around like piece of cellophane, gently stolen by a fresh breath of wind
The pups are acting as my army detail, sometimes kicking up wisps of your scent
I love being surrounded by you; if only for a sec