Level Up!

Day 55/90: That Handsome Prep, Celebrated

What?! Oh yeah! Happy Birfday to my handsome rock steady!

You’re the best and always so fresh.

Your gunshow shines bright and your smile is outta sight.

Cheers to another year and I am so very damn thankful, for you.

Level Up!

Day 44/90: Head Games

Neither will cuddle head to head with me, but I catch them, like this, on my way to bed. These two snicker and leer, while Boca and I roll our eyes, “don’t let us interrupt, my dear.” Adorable noggins blinking up, and I just laugh, because we’re all totally in love, that much is clear.


Level Up! Poetry

Day 42/90: Cutting it close!

Sometimes, I slip away
Seeing crayola, bubbles
Maybe a robot, or two.
It’s comfy here
In my cocoon,
Ideas, dreams,
rainbows and tunes.
Kept safe, for now,
From any looming goons