David Kincaid “AKA” PermaDave, The Permaculture Revolution

The one on one mentoring I have done with Keelin has caused a total shift in my awareness of my strengths and the potential I have to live my best life and impact the world in ways that only I can. As I go on my journey of becoming a leader in my field, the benefits of seeing my stories, limiting beliefs, and blockages for what they are, and developing tools to chip away at all that is not me, are profound. What’s not to be excited about!

Don’t try to re-invent your wheel. Find a mentor, like Keelin, who is walking the walk, and talking the talk, to guide you into the abundance that is yours as you learn how to claim it and share it! Now that I’ve seen behind the curtain it would be silly to pull it shut. Thank you, Keelin!!

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David Kincaid “AKA” PermaDave, The Permaculture Revolution

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