Lanna Dang, Relationship Coach

I am truly so grateful to have had the privilege of working with Keelin this year. She has a very unique ability to bring fresh perspectives into stressful or pressing situations in a way that makes everything feel “handle-able.

I especially loved her creative energy. Keelin’s leadership taught me to really tune into the things mattered to me most and why while also not taking myself too seriously. This is a delicate balance that she is masterful at teaching. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have had the massive breakthroughs that I had in my relationships and my business if it weren’t for Keelin’s support and coaching.

Aside from holding me accountable, she’s also super reliable and was there when I was going through the toughest growth periods. I’d definitely recommend anyone to work with Keelin. Lastly, she’s probably the most colorfully fun person I’ve ever met and if you get a chance to have a conversation with her I HIGHLY recommend it!

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Lanna Dang, Relationship Coach

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