Keelin is a stretch genius. When you’re blocking your greatness (and stuck in your box), she’ll come up with something to take you over the line.

Joe Bartfay II, Software Genius

Keelin is such a authentic and supportive coach that help me find my inner hidden weakness that I try to avoid for my entire life. I love the way she challenges me to get out my comfort zone and support me to discover my true power.

Susan Huang, Client

Keelin is an amazing coach who is gifted at empowering others to step into greatness. I feel blessed to know her and am grateful for the ways in which she has coached me. My experience of Keelin is powerful, outrageous, creative, focused, imaginative, rigorous, playful, connected and authentic. She will draw out greatness in you if you let her. Accept her stretches! They are life changing!

Joe Brenneman, MBA

Keelin is an initiator! She has the ability to influence and inspire people to transform their lives and their leadership. Keelin and I launched a successful intentional mentorship program with 99% participation. Her creative leadership style and magnetic personality draw out the best in every person she works with. Keelin has an extremely sharp and strategic mind. She communicates clearly and draws upon her vast experience to understand complex situations and makes them simple. I am a better human being and a more creative leader as a result of working alongside Keelin.

David Makela, Social Entrepreneur | Coaching Leader

The one on one mentoring I have done with Keelin has caused a total shift in my awareness of my strengths and the potential I have to live my best life and impact the world in ways that only I can. As I go on my journey of becoming a leader in my field, the benefits of seeing my stories, limiting beliefs, and blockages for what they are, and developing tools to chip away at all that is not me, are profound. What’s not to be excited about!

Don’t try to re-invent your wheel. Find a mentor, like Keelin, who is walking the walk, and talking the talk, to guide you into the abundance that is yours as you learn how to claim it and share it! Now that I’ve seen behind the curtain it would be silly to pull it shut. Thank you, Keelin!!

David Kincaid “AKA” PermaDave, The Permaculture Revolution

When being coached by Keelin, you’re forced to think for yourself and enable what’s already inside you. Like anything else it’s hard at first, but soon enough unlocking YOU isn’t so hard after all!

Rumuel Hernaez, Client Care Specialist/Photographer

The greatest gift of Keelin’s Flow to Freedom program is that you can be your authentic self as you take the risk to be vulnerable, to see your dreams, and to fearlessly through the unknown until you see the freedom of being you.

Troy Herman, Project Manager/Artist

Keelin is am empathetic yet direct coach. She is the rare combination of creative yet business minded. She helped me understand and hold my first women’s group in a way I had never done before! I felt so supported and empowered by her coaching!!! She is a true Visionary!!!

Rebecca Whitman, Author

I am truly so grateful to have had the privilege of working with Keelin this year. She has a very unique ability to bring fresh perspectives into stressful or pressing situations in a way that makes everything feel “handle-able.

I especially loved her creative energy. Keelin’s leadership taught me to really tune into the things mattered to me most and why while also not taking myself too seriously. This is a delicate balance that she is masterful at teaching. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have had the massive breakthroughs that I had in my relationships and my business if it weren’t for Keelin’s support and coaching.

Aside from holding me accountable, she’s also super reliable and was there when I was going through the toughest growth periods. I’d definitely recommend anyone to work with Keelin. Lastly, she’s probably the most colorfully fun person I’ve ever met and if you get a chance to have a conversation with her I HIGHLY recommend it!

Lanna Dang, Relationship Coach

Keelin is the most supportive and focused person! She gave me time continually to boost my confidence or to stand for me so that I could reach my declarations …

I have taken on many new leaps that I would resist and Keelin would step in and set me straight with love and firm guidance. I am eternally grateful for Keelin’s never ending expertise in so many fields, tech , focus, planning , generosity and her endless creative energy and spirit!

With Much Gratitude and Love

Janet Miller, Life Coach